A Documentary About Professional Air Hockey. Really.


10-Year Anniversary of “Air Time”

We have just passed the 10-year anniversary of the article “Air Time” written by Way of the Puck director Eric D. Anderson. The article was a direct result of that very first encounter with the air hockey community in Fremont, California at City Beach. Players Davis Lee Huynh, J. Hilton Reed, and Harvey Thornburg introduced Anderson to competitive air hockey, while informing him that the world championships were only a week away in Las Vegas. That evening was impactful enough to compel Anderson to head to Las Vegas with a camera crew to find out if there was an interesting movie in all of it. Hard to believe that was ten years ago!

The article was a follow-up with Huynh—then ranked a distant sixth in the world—and his mission to win a world championship. Huynh eventually did win two championships (in 2007 and 2010), but at the time his ambition seemed like pure fantasy.

Giant Robot magazine no longer exists so we scanned the article for all of you air hockey heads out there!




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  1. Davis Lee

    Whoa….time truly flies. I look a lot less dorky now, 10 years later. I would have hoped to have been able to raise the trophy a few more times, but 2 championships is that shabby at all.

    Eric, thanks for being a huge part of Airhockey’s exposure and documenting our passions and dreams. Raising the trophy and feeling I was the best in the World at Airhockey and then making it on ESPN this past summer. Without you, some of our stories would never be told. You will always be a welcome part of Airhockey’s family.

  2. The Management

    Thanks, Davis! It’s been a fun ride…

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