The Story of Air Hockey

“Before everything there is the Cold War. There are experiments with hovercraft and frictionless environments…”

Way of the Puck begins at the World Air Hockey Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we are introduced to Andy the Promoter, Tim the 10-time World Champion, and Mark the Air Hockey Guru. For all intents and purposes, this is the beginning of our story. But what about what comes before this tournament? Is some kind of backstory required to get viewers up to speed?

We’ve created a short visual essay about the history and mythology of air hockey as a companion piece to the film. In order to understand and appreciate the passion of these men who devote their lives to a forgotten arcade game, we must start at the beginning. The very beginning. Let us take a brief trip through the decades that come before the beginning of Way of the Puck.

Click on any of the frames below to be whisked away to the Story of Air Hockey, otherwise known as our Scrapbook, or just the plain old Backstory!

Backstory 0


Backstory 1


Backstory 2


Backstory 3


Backstory 4


Backstory 5


Backstory 6


Backstory 7



Bad News Bears

Best air hockey scene in a movie, ever.


Match.com Circa 1980


Thanks for this gem, Mark!