A Documentary About Professional Air Hockey. Really.


Way of the Puck Coming Soon

The Digital Video Disk

The Digital Video Disk

Greetings all!

It’s been a long hard slog, but we are near the end of it. Way of the Puck, the finest feature film about professional air hockey ever made, will be released on DVD in October of this year.

Features will include:

  • Way of the Puck (TRT: 81 minutes)
  • 5.1 Surround mix
  • Commentary track featuring director Eric D. Anderson and air hockey guru Mark Robbins
  • Deleted scenes
  • Original trailer
  • letterboxed 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

Pre-orders will begin in earnest in August. Stay tuned…

Praise the Table!


  1. Wil

    Congrats on this achievement, Eric, I can’t wait to see this version of the film!

    Wil “The Juggernaut” Upchurch

  2. Jim Guckin

    I can not wait to see this!

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